Interview with Youki & Junky (Torturing Nurse) | Reverse Records UK

Reverse Records UK / Final Trauma Recordings



BAND NAME: Torturing Nurse

BAND MEMBERS: Youki and Junky


GENRE: Harsh Noise



001.Torturing Nurse – Junkyisuzu(shasha cdr)
002.Torturing Nurse – Rock Torturing Miriam(shasha cdr)


strong>003.Torturing Nurse – Do Not Put In Direct Sunlight For A Prolonged Period(shasha 3″cdr)
004.split w/PNF – Splittail(shasha cdr)
005.split w/BSOD – Swing Strigent Brain(shasha 3″cdr)
006.V.A. – A Tribute Koji Tano(steinklang web)
007.Torturing Nurse – NanaNanaNanaNanaNanaNana(obscurica cdr)
008.split w/Coco & Fiend Friend – Unrechtmelodien 1(turgid animal 3″cdr)
009.split w/Stimbox – Cowfish Plus Vermilion(shasha cdr)
010.Torturing Nurse – Hai Shangnurse(harshnoise cdr)
011.split w/Armenia – Split(bizarre audio arts cdr)
012.V.A. – Emotions:From Somewhere To Nowhere(doufu cdr)
013.split w/English,Stimbox,Redglare – 4×3″Cdr Comp(5″ edition) Vol. II[obscurica cdr]
014.split w/YelloWhore(barfing dagger re-recordings cdr)
015.Torturing Nurse – Nontacky(ultra eczema cdr)
016.V.A. – La vita e meravigliosa(turgid animal biz card cdr)
017.Torturing Nurse – AB(stentorian tapes c20)


018.Torturing Nurse – Three’s A Crowd(seven sermones ad mortuos cdr)
019.V.A. – NOIShanghai I(shasha cdr)
020.V.A. – NOIShanghai II – Moral Attack(shasha cdr)
021.split w/Directbrainstimulation – DirecTorture Split Ep(si records c20)
022.split w/Sparkle Girl(soccer mom ebonics cdr)
023.Torturing Nurse – Does utmost(roilnoise cdr)
024.split w/Gone,Mutant Ape,Splinter vs Stalin – Harshnoise For Bondage 4 Ways Split Tape(underground pollution records c60)
025.split w/Pig Molester – Noise Garmask Propaganda(underground pollution records cdr)
026.Torturing Nurse – S.A.R.S.(lona records 3″cdr)
027.V.A. – Pass the doughnut-shaped cushion, Alice(btr c60)
028.split w/Cracked Dome(barfing dagger re-recordings cdr)
029.collaboration w/Chick Dig Noise – Chick Dig Nurse – Torturing Noise(shasha 3″cdr)
030.Torturing Nurse – Live Torturing(turgid animal dvdr)
031.split w/Mutant Ape(shasha cdr)
032.split w/Blast Beat(dada drumming 12″vinyl)
033.split w/Coco & Fiend Friend – Unrechtmelodien II(turgid animal cdr)
034.collaboration w/Mutant Ape – Armed Combat Collaborations III(turgid animal cdr)
035.split w/Hookworm,Gruuthaagy,Coco and Fiend Friend(self-released cdr)
036.Torturing Nurse – Recycled(rrrecords c55)
037.V.A. – Aural Atrocities – Volume 1(412recordings cdr)
038.split w/Poison Me Happy – Salt in The Wound(ten cent pistol 2*c10)
039.V.A. – China ? various artists vol. 4 : a noise compilation(edogm netlabel web)
040.split w/Raven Chacon – The Incredible 17000 Km Split(8k mob records cdr)
041.split w/Winters In Osaka(self-released 3″cdr)
042.V.A. – The Projection of Sin(alienated hominid recordings 2*cdr)
043.Torturing Nurse – S.O.S ‘Black Plague’ 1(serpent movement recordings biz card cdr)
044.Torturing Nurse – Prurient Shower(little sound 3″cdr)
045.collaboration w/Zan Hoffman – The Twists and Turns of the Loved and Hated N(featuring Baba Liaga,Ernesto Bohorquez,DJet,Mockart,Torturing Nurse,Ronny Waernes,Yann)[zh27/self-released cdr]
046.split w/Implied Flare(xvp cdr)
047.collaboration w/Radiocore Blowjob – Killing Me Softly With Your Love Song(spacelessjam 3″cdr)
048.collaboration w/Zan Hoffman – Zanoisect Torturing Hearse(featuring Torturing Nurse)[zh27 cdr]
049.Torturing Nurse – In Ruins(shasha 3″cdr)
050.V.A. – Encapsulated Results – Sitcomp(no horse shit c43)
051.collaboration w/Gingagaruga – Pesto Nirvana(shasha cdr)
052.split w/Directbrainstimulation – DirecTorture Vol. I + DirecTorture Vol. II(shit inhaler c20+c60)
053.Torturing Nurse – Hate Human(hate state c10)
054.collaboration w/Fecalove – Torturing Love(shasha/turgid animal cdr)
055.collaboration w/Rotted Brain – Roughly(shasha 3″cdr)
056.split w/Rotted Brain(alienated hominid recordings cdr)
057.split w/Oubliette – Harhnoise Tortures(ars funebris records c60)
058.collaboration w/Kenji Siratori – Mad Blockhead’s Tale(roilnoise 3″cdr)
059.Torturing Nurse – Groundfloor Noiz(kovorox sound cdr)
060.split w/Baron Bum Blood,Fred Nipi,Izanami’s Labour Pains – In Harshnoise We Trust 1(ars funebris records/underground pollution records cdr)
061.Torturing Nurse – Over Ear(serpent movement recordings 3″cdr)
062.Torturing Nurse – Hateworthy Fucker(audiobot 3″cdr)


063.collaboration w/Rolf-Erik Nystrøm+Sun Mengjin – 4live 2006.12.06(desetxea netlable web)
064.split+collaboration w/Brutophilia – Untenable(shasha cdr)
065.V.A. – Deathbomb Arc Tape Club, year 3(deathbomb arc 12*c20)
066.collaboration w/Radiocore Blowjob – Torturing Blowjob – Live Blowjob(shasha 3″cdr)
067.split w/Izanami’s Labour Pains(turgid animal cdr)
068.split w/Ecoute La Merde(smell the stench c60)
069.split w/Daruin,Stpocold(abgurd cdr)
070.Torturing Nurse – Second Floor Noiz(shasha 3″cdr)
071.Torturing Nurse – My Mind Is Not Your Mind(dfrp cdr)
072.split w/Idx1274(the terrorists win!/13 miles out cdr)
073.V.A. – BrainWave Communication(brainwave communication 2*cdr)
074.V.A. – little sound·chinese new year·2007(little sound 4*3″cdr+booklet)
075.Torturing Nurse – Sound For AV(little sound 3″cdr)
076.split w/Fever Spoor – Crash(anima mal nata cdr)
077.Torturing Nurse – T+T(roilnoise 2*3″cdr)
078.Torturing Nurse – Smutty(harshnoise 2*cdr)
079.collaboration w/Zbigniew Karkowski,Dickson Dee – Penetration(troniks/pacrec cd)
080.split w/Tmdbbc – Canker(shasha 3″cdr)
081.split+collaboration w/Lexes – Harangue(shasha cdr)
082.Torturing Nurse – Tape(en.mi.ty records c20)
083.Torturing Nurse – Dedicated Ourselves To Starting Our Own Nurse(audiobot c10)
084.Torturing Nurse – Eerie(indie-ziert cdr)
085.collaboration w/Fecalove – Torturing Love – Shanghai Hotel Sessions(turgid animal 2*c30)
086.V.A. – LESS-LETHAL, vol. 1(alku cd)
087.Torturing Nurse – A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die(industrial culture 3″cdr)
088.Torturing Nurse – I Am A Crank (shasha biz card cdr)
089.Torturing Nurse – Living Scum Torturing(shasha c90)
090.split w/Diseased Visions(wasting tapes 3″cdr)
091.collaboration w/Casse Ufficio Malattie Tropicali – Songs For Zev Asher Before He’s Dead(shasha/monstres par exces cdr)
092.V.A. – Smell The Stench Second Net Compilation(smell the stench web)
093.collaboration w/Kenji Siratori – Mad Blackhead’s Tale(reissue)[lona records 3″cdr]
094.Torturing Nurse – Shift(scarbox records c10)
095.Torturing Nurse – In C Ice Age(basement tapes c20)
096.V.A. – R.O.N.F. Net Compilation Volume 2.0(r.o.n.f. records web)
097.Torturing Nurse – Loving Tata(cute tapes c40)
098.collaboration + split w/Fecalove,Mutant Ape,Oubliette – Eiste Skilohissia(obelisk sounds/shasha/turgid animal 12″vinyl)
099.V.A. – Laif – Made In China(laif cd+magazine)
100.split w/Lolita Vibrator Torture – Loli Dia(shasha cdr)
101.split w/Kenji Siratori – Death and Torture(shasha cdr)
102.V.A. – Abelian Groups Records We Are Untouchable(abelian groups records 3″cdr)
103.split w/Hong Qile – lover·scalpel(brainwave communication 3″cdr)
104.collaboration w/soma – Chilled(roilnoise fan cdr)
105.split w/Zyprex(shasha cdr)
106.collaboration w/Kenji Siratori – Torturing Nurse For Kenji Siratori(hypermodern cdr)
107.split w/Maaaa – We Are So Fucking Harsh! You Are So Fucking Suck!(triangle.records cdr)
108.V.A. – Stalin And Mao Listen To Us(triangle.records cdr)
109.collaboration w/Kenji Siratori – Mad Blockhead’s Tale II(little sound 2*3″cdr)
110.split w/Fecalove,Mutant Ape,Oubliette – Eiste Skilohissia(turgid animal c60)
111.Torturing Nurse – Jut Yort’s Jat(71 3″cdr+web)


112.V.A. – What A Wonderful Shit(r.o.n.f. records/laser grind trading co. web)
113.appearance on MaoDou + LuChen – A Hippo Wildly Grinds Its Teeth Bank Side(mule records booklet+2*cd)
114.split w/madonna schizofrenica giapponese(self-released cdr)
115.V.A. – VIVA NOISE!(shasha biz card cdr)
116.V.A. – The Placenta Compilation Vol. 2(dadaist audio web)
117.Torturing Nurse – Hated Machina(alienated hominid recordings c20)
118.collaboration w/Mutant Ape – No Need To Cry(turgid animal c60)
119.Torturing Nurse – Blast Fear(central dynamo room biz card cdr)
120.split w/Winters In Osaka – Split For NOIShanghai XV(shasha cdr)
121.V.A. – Na – Variations(self-released p2p)
122.collaboration w/Mattin split w/Aaron Hull,Amper-O-Mat{abnormal d.i.s.c.o.([&]) cdr}
123.Torturing Nurse – Fade Away But Not Ending(tic productions cd+dvdr)
124.appearance on Eric Lohrenz’s film – Tunnel Canary & The Evolution Of Ear Collisions:1978-2008(ecl film productions dvdr)
125.split w/Black Leather Jesus – Black Shoes/Trained Bottom(deadline recordings cdr)
126.split w/Wasteland Jazz Unit(905 tapes c30)
127.collaboration w/Mlehst(belief recordings 10″lathe vinyl)
128.collaboration w/soma – Empty Egg(g13recordings cdr)
129.V.A. – Ritual II(heavy nature tapes cdr)
130.split w/SMG – 8 Tracks Noise Grind Ep/Damage Done(ll tapes cdr)
131.appearance on Time & Tide – Amalgam(self-released cdr)
132.V.A. – Truculence(no part of it 7″vinyl)
133.V.A. – (Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000.00 MILLISeconds(ratskin records cd)
134.Torturing Nurse – As A Raven(hoarse 3″cdr)
135.collaboration w/Oubliette – Torturing Oubliette – Oubliette Torture(obelisk sounds c33)
136.split w/Justice Yeldham,Noiseconcrete,Yan Jun – SNR AGC BER(shasha cdr)
137.Torturing Nurse – no noise no life!(dying art productions t-shirt)
138.Torturing Nurse – Smile Like Teenage Springtree(lona records cdr)
139.Torturing Nurse – Public Economics(quagga curious sounds cdr)
140.collaboration w/Lolita Vibrator Torture,Dr.Dildo – shot(shasha cdr)
141.V.A. – Dirgehead Distro Compilation 2008(dirgehead distribution company 2*cdr)
142.split w/Jason,Shenggy,Vavabond – Dissilient(little sound 3″cdr)
143.Torturing Nurse – Cutting Torture(shasha cdr)
144.Torturing Nurse – 192171-200871(herbal international/why not ltd cdr)
145.Torturing Nurse – Ultimatefucker++(dirgehead distribution company cdr)
146.Torturing Nurse – Run Junky Run(soundo maso records c10)


147.V.A. – 中国制噪(shasha 2*cdr/web)
148.Torturing Nurse – Adult-Believe(b-rush/self-released cdr)
149.split w/Jamison Williams/Bill Henderson duo(shasha cdr)
150.V.A. – Backgroud(Of Chinese Sound Art)[subjam/kwanyin/世纪文景 cd]
151.split w/Kenji Siratori,Goghal,Fever Spoor – Lost In Translation(verato project cdr)
152.Torturing Nurse – Andersen’s Fairy Tales(shasha biz card cdr)
153.Torturing Nurse – Mask of Hate(turgid animal records italian division cdr)
154.split w/White Mountains(death letter tapes c40)
155.Torturing Nurse – Are We Born to Suffer(deadline recordings cdr)
156.collaboration + split w/Government Alpha – Countercurrent(xerxes cd)
157.split w/Inhibition(subliminalrecordings c60)
158.split + collaboration w/Morbid Behavior – The Beautiful One(Only for the show in 2009.06.07)[shasha cdr]
159.V.A. – Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year 3(reissue)[deathbomb arc 3*cdr]
160.V.A. – Red(lona records 3*cdr+booklet)
161.V.A. – “Art Musique Action” Various Artists Vol 1(subliminalrecordings 2*cdr)
162.appearance on Zev Asher’s film – subcultural revolution:Shanghai(rough age projectiles dvdr)
163.Torturing Nurse – Erstellen(lanpaarntaal sounds cdr)
164.split w/Assholemouthead(maggote meat shoppe c20)
165.Torturing Nurse – Broken(r.o.n.f. records cdr)
166.Torturing Nurse – Tortured Live(orpheum records dvdr)
167.split w/Kylie Minoise,Orgasm Denial,ASTRO – LCD TV Owner’s Manual(shasha cdr)
168.split w/Vertonen(rococo records 12″vinyl)
169.Torturing Nurse – Torturing Nurse(shasha t-shirt)
170.split w/N.R.Y.Y.(silent novels rec. cdr)
171.V.A. – 1992-2008 An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music(sub rosa 4*cd+2*booklet)
172.Torturing Nurse – Impact Factor(coffin crawl records c20)
173.appearance on Dominique Lohlé & Guy – Marc Hinant’s film – FUCK YOU(sub rosa ome dvdr)
174.Torturing Nurse – fist a sickle/destruction output(haute magie records c15)
175.V.A. – We’ll Leave The Lights On(he of the house media cdr)
176.split w/KYLIE MINOISE,N.R.Y.Y.(silent novels rec. cdr)
177.split w/Hal Hutchinson – Endless Boredoms/Untitled(feeding tube records c20)
178.split w/An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter,Vomir,Government Alpha – Harsh Purification(corrosive art records 4*cdr)
179.V.A. – RED SYNDROME Act.1 1966-1976(midnight productions/collapse of utopia cd)
180.collaboration w/Fecalove – Torturing Love – Cock Pig/Unoriginal Macho Energy(turgid animal records italian division 7″vinyl+c30)
181.collaboration w/Kommissar Hjuler und Frau – Die Antizipation des Generalized Other(Torturing Nurse – SHMF – 019@40)[asylum lunaticum cdr]
182.split w/Hal Hutchinson – Untitled/Endless Boredoms(reissue)[the pet goat records c20]
183.collaboration w/Jun-Y Ciao,Olaf Hochherz – Super Masturbation Star – J Eats O Eats J(derry air records 1-sided c90)


184.collaboration w/Assholemouthead – Brain De-Grader(violent noise atrocities c60)
185.V.A. – 11 Seconds of Voice(brainwave communication web)
186.split w/Animal Machine(kif recording cdr)
187.V.A. – Angry At Music(roil noise rubbish web)
188.split w/Paregorik(existential cloth recordings c18)
189.split w/HxAxSx – split tape c-10(underground pollution rec. c10)
190.V.A. – Ezcaton Visual Artist EVA 1-18(ezcaton visual artist dvdr+cdr)
191.V.A. – Drilling A Hole Through The Sky 30 Years Of The Haters(helicopter book+cd)
192.split w/Krosot – Split(placenta recordings cdr)
193.split w/Mossy Pussy(kabrakarakadabra records 3″cdr)
194.split w/ELMA,Orgasm Denial,N.R.Y.Y. – 來自中日的噪音暴徒(silent novels rec. cdr)
195.collaboration w/骏园,Gabriele de Seta,卖卖,Olaf Hochherz – Teratology – I(monstres par excès cdr)
196.split w/Disleksick(coffin crawl records 7″vinyl+patch+zine)
197.split w/Wormhead,Paregorik(puzzle records c60)
(updated 2010.07.16)



RRUK: Let’s start with your band name, what made you choose it for this project?

I liked Naked City’s album called; Torture, said the pain, Nurse will people quiet, but there are two words contain the double meaning of pain and joy.

RRUK: How would you describe your sound and working process?

We passed a lot of different attempts, the present, the main effects of various sources and the use of on-site meetings more physical performances, the album would be relatively diverse effects of the collision may also be the sound of screaming people, Or is the background noise recording, sound more likely to be direct to sex.

RRUK: About the instruments and technology you use to produce the sound, do you constantly update them, or are old and cheap synths and the like still good for your purposes?

We will at different times with some different equipment, you two mentioned above are applicable to Torturing Nurse


RRUK: With regards to electronic/experimental artists, which band did you discover first? How did you come across them?

I am deeply touched by the first is Hijokaidan from Japan, very coincidentally heard in a one japanese comp, then get out of control through the network of underground noise into the real world.

RRUK: Who or what influences you and your sound?

They are Hijokaidan、Incapacitants、The Gerogerigegege、K2、The Haters、Prurient,ect,Disorderly chaotic sound fascinated me.

RRUK: What is your opinion in particular of Power Electronics, Noise, and Japanoise, looking at their main artists like Merzbow, Masonna?


I was deeply affected by the Japanoise, but now the new U.S. and European power-electronics/noise Some of these are also very fond of the Japanoise more “human” feeling in there, so it Naiting.


RRUK: Are you interested in serial killers? Do you think they are a typical product of 20th century society, and what is your opinion about in particular American “serial killer culture” ?

To be honest not interested in the relationship between cultural background, I am more concerned about such people in China, how kind of society there is this one, I do not sing the praises for them, but they actually do some of us Many people dare not do.

RRUK: If you could perform live anywhere in the world… where would it be?

Japan and Usa.


RRUK: With regards to other sound projects the sound projects, is there any country in particular that inspire you more than others?

I prefer the Japanoise artist, it may belong to the same reason in Asia.

RRUK: Do you listen to different types of music? A secret Elvis collection perhaps?!

I like harsh noise、power electronics、free improvisation and some old pop music.

RRUK: What first, chicken or the egg?


RRUK: Thanks for your time, Junky & Jouki.

Torturing Nurse:



Interview: Keith Mitchell [+FTR+ / RRUK]

2010 – 2014 Reverse Records UK / Final Trauma Recordings

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