Interview with Michael Zolotov (KADAVER) | Reverse Records UK

Reverse Records UK / June 2014

Interview with Michael Zolotov (Kadaver)


BAND NAME: Kadaver

BAND MEMBERS: Michael Zolotov


GENRE: Harsh noise, Death industrial, Power electronics, Dark ambient


Self destruction ritual / Orgasmatrön Rec / 2013
A tragedy without a border line – Collaboration with Contagious orgasm / Wrotycz records / 2011
Anti human life – A split release with Djinn / Old Europa cafe / 2011
The noir seasons – A split release with The vault / Mask of the slave / 2011
Automatic autopsy / Topheth prophet / 2009
Molested into form / FracturedSpacesRecords / 2009
The moon bares teeth / Paranoise / 2008
Kadaver’s valentine’s greetings / The Eastern Front- Tan! Kaven!! Ash!!! / 2008
Running with scissors / SkullLine / 2008
This time… it’s cancer / Topheth prophet / 2007
Extensive intestinal sodomy – Collaboration with Kenji Siratori / Hypermodern records / 2007
Some animals are equal / The Eastern Front- Tan! Kaven!! Ash!!! / 2007
Kadaver + Flutwacht split / Nervous nurse / 2006
God has left the building / Mask of the slave / 2006
Dissected / The Eastern Front- Tan! Kaven!! Ash!!! / 2006
Necro pleasures / AssassinMonk / 2006
Infected with feelings / The Eastern Front- Tan! Kaven!! Ash!!! / 2006
Abandon all hope / Void rekordz – Noir series / 2006
Dead inside / Redbootkeh / 2005

Compilations and album appearances:

V/A Audio assault: Part 2 / Compulsive masturbation productions / 2013
V/A A thorough examination of a corpse / Compulsive masturbation productions / 2012
Mourmansk 150 – Yes we conflict / Topheth prophet / 2012
V/A Total confused / Industrial noise records / 2010
Aura – Welcome to jonestown / Order of wolves / 2009
V/A Wieler Werkstaette / SkullLine / 2009
V/A Manifestations to the road to death vol 1 / Open wound / 2008
V/A Beweine dein Mädel / SkullLine / 2008
V/A Apocalyptic stream / Apocalyptic radio / 2008
V/A 404 FATAL TERRORS – An international black noise compilation / Bone structure / 2008
V/A Where tattered clouds are stranding – Tribute to Einar Jonsson / The Eastern Front / 2008
V/A Silent fears dark ambient compilation / Theremin Noise Club / 2006
V/A With eyes wide open for a brighter future 9.11 compilation / House of the last light / 2006



RRUK: Let’s start with your band name, what made you choose it for this project?

KADAVER: Ever since I remember myself I was fascinated with death. From an early age I was obsessed with it. Mainly, I was afraid of it. It left me with terror and many unanswered hard questions. Within time the fear slowly subside and I began looking at this whole issue in other ways. It happened when I was relatively still a small child, gradually. At first it had a catharsis effect on me. I found something comforting in watching violent movies on TV and later on films such as Traces of Death which was a big hit at the time. I could relate. Not to the victim but to the scene. Just like a viewer at the Colosseum. As time passed I began to see much more in death. Sexuality, beauty and most of all meaning. It is inevitable that this research of mine will continue and I’ll try and understand more of it. The science and the spiritual. The logical and the symbolic. Yet I am well aware that I will never really capture it in life. Only as a corpse.

RRUK: How would you describe your sound and working process?

KADAVER: Over the years I released quite a lot of different stuff in a few (somewhat-related) genres. From very quiet Drones and Dark ambient to ear shattering harsh noise. It will be hard for me to pin down what does Kadaver sounds like. It sounds like me. Kadaveric. My working process: well, I don’t record often. Sometimes I can go months without doing anything artistic music wise. I need to capture the right moment at the right time in which I feel like messing with audio. I use various methods, gear and approaches when working on my sounds. I rarely record completely sober. I find that helpful. I need to get into a certain zone in which the noise can explode out of me. When I “snap out of it” I feel relief.

RRUK: About the instruments and technology you use to produce the sound, do you constantly update them, or are old synths and the like still good for your purposes?

KADAVER: I definitely constantly update my instruments and in fact the whole way I approach my sound every time. I think that keep doing the exact same thing over and over and over again is not for me. I don’t abandon my old equipment and samples and the things I used over the years, I add to them. And so I learn more, but more importantly I have more options to express myself.


RRUK: Who or what influences you and your sound?

KADAVER: The human condition. Mainly my own. My anger, frustration, lack of satisfaction, depression and so on plus my very primal obsessions: sex, fear, death, disgust, cruelty and the many inner emotions or the lack of them.

RRUK: With regards to electronic/experimental artists, which band did you discover first? How did you come across them?

KADAVER: The first thing I discovered in the “noise genre” was Atrax morgue. I remember one day going to a friend’s place to buy some cds he was getting rid of. Most of it was black metal if I remember correctly.. a couple of Death in June.. He then found and showed me a box he forgot about in the closet with some other albums he wouldn’t mind part with. The first cd I picked up from that box was Atrax morgue’s “Woundfucker”. The cover itself drew me right away. I asked if I can listen to it to which he of course said “sure”. He pressed ‘play’ not before switching off the lights. It was totally electrifying. Blew me the fuck away. Of course I grabbed that album with both hands and returned home where I listened to it another time with headphones. Then a second time. It was an injection of pure insanity and sickness right into your brain through your ears. It wasn’t long after that I approached Marco (aka Atrax morgue) and inquired to purchase more of his releases. Which I did. And in the process we started communicating via emails and became friends. I discovered we have quite a lot in common and we share many of the same views.

A few years later when he wanted to release an album by me on his label (Slaughter productions) was one of the greatest moments in my Kadaveric history. It meant more than a lot to me. Sadly he died before he managed to release it. Later that year the album was released by Topheth Prophet. Someday this album will be re-released with the original artwork done by Marco Corbelli. I feel like I owe it to him. To myself too.


RRUK: A lot of “noise” artists tend to release 30+ albums per year. What are your thoughts regarding this rushed approach?

KADAVER: I know that many people do, but I have nothing in particular against this rushed approach. For me it doesn’t matter if the artist released a lot of his stuff or a selected few, as long as I like and connect to the art. Personally I tend to believe that less is more. I think it took me around 10 years to release 30 different releases (when considering compilations as well). I try to only release the things that need to be out there and heard.

RRUK: Do you have a preferred format for your work, e.g. vinyl, cassette, CD, download. And is there a format for which you would never use?

KADAVER: Usually when I have a choice in selecting a format I’ll go with CD. But I really hope someday to do a vinyl release! I just love the format and I hope to hold in my hands a Kadaver LP (or 7′) one day. This will be a good opportunity to invite anyone who wishes to release a Kadaver LP to contact me haha

RRUK: I respect your hustle! What is your opinion in particular of Power Electronics, Noise, and Japanoise, looking at their main artists like Merzbow, Masonna?

KADAVER: There are quite a few Japanese artists I like. I am privileged to have had the chance to work with one of my favorites, Hiroshi Hashimoto, of Contagious orgasm. I’m extremely proud of the album we did together. Japanoise may not be my favorite genre (or more like sub-genre) but it does have some strong stuff to offer. I am much more into the “main artists” of the noise and P.E worldwide scene: Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jugend, Brighter death now, (the old) MB, Atrax morgue etcetera …


RRUK: I would like to ask you if you are interested in which kind of people listen to your sound, I mean, how do you imagine him/her to be?

KADAVER: On the most part, I don’t concern myself much with that. But nowadays with the internet and of course Facebook you can see and interact with the people who like your art. And I can definitely say that I gained a lot from Kadaver in the sense that it helped to meet a lot of interesting people and even establish some very meaningful relationships, some romantic. Sometimes I am can be deeply moved by gestures of my fans. To name a few: A guy from Brazil sent me a picture of a Kadaver tattoo he had on his arm. Another guy cut himself and used the blood to create some Kadaver tribute drawings for me. 2 friends made and ran a Kadaver fan page on Facebook for me to update about my events and such (this was long before I was in Facebook and wanted anything to do with this social network). And you know, even just receiving an email from someone saying how much they enjoyed or was touched by my work. These things sure affect me and can be very meaningful to me.

RRUK: Women seem to be a main focus in the noise scene/PE….. bondage themes, and track titles. Are you interested in deviated or perverted sexual behaviors? If so, what attracts you so much in sexual violence and language?

KADAVER: Absolutely, I am interested indeed in perverted sexual behaviors. But unlike many people I don’t consider them at all as perverted. I couldn’t care less about social taboos, right or wrongs or sexual fashions. Satisfaction is the key. Consent is pretty much my only rule. As long as I am attracted to it, I’ll do my best to get it. Since sex is never just sex I find subjects like humiliation and bondage very much appealing. It’s not about fucking – it’s about power. It’s dominance, it’s control, it’s cruelty and it is the basic animal spirit.
I find it much more arousing. Definitely more interesting.

RRUK: We’re all perverts! Are you interested in serial killers? Do you think they are a typical product of 20th century society, and what is your opinion about in particular American “serial killer culture” ?

KADAVER: I am a Power electronics cliché. Yes, I am interested in serial killers. Especially the crueler, most perverted “extreme” ones. Psychologically wise I find them fascinating. How their minds work. How it feels to be inside their heads. To subdue to your urges and inhibitions and do these things. For me, this phenomenon is extraordinary; when the very fundamental animalistic craving becomes entangled with survival through ultra-violence. Anyhow, my fling with serial killers or mass murderers does not come from a sense of admiration per se. I mean, genocides for example fascinate me as a phenomenon too yet I am not “pro or against it”, I accept that this is the human nature and that’s that. Man kills. Period. I find the study of those things vital to the understanding of our world and mankind in particular. Man’s ugliness and his essence. And like I said it’s bloody interesting to say the least. I won’t get into the issue of are serial killers a product of 20th century or not. There is plenty of information about that in the books kids. What I will say is that serial killers have always existed and will continue to. And as for the American serial killers, I think it’s amusing that they gained such a rock-star status in our society. Just one question: why the fuck do people still consider Charles Manson to be a serial killer?!


RRUK: If you could perform live anywhere in the world… where would it be?

KADAVER: Most places overseas I guess…
Usa, Europe.. and of course the more “exotic” ones. Japan for instance would be amazing!

RRUK: Hope to see you in the UK at some point! With regards to other sound projects the sound projects, is there any country in particular that inspire you more than others?

KADAVER: Not really. Usually countries that gave birth to a new genre specialized in it. At least in the early years. But as far as it goes I would say that good scenes come and then fade in different places around the world at different periods.

RRUK: Do you listen to different types of music? A secret Elvis collection, perhaps?!

KADAVER: I do listen to a lot of different styles of music besides noise/P.E/dark ambient etc. I started listening to grunge when I was in the fourth grade and soon after got into metal, slowly making my way up (or down) to black metal which is still my preferable style of music. I’m also listening to a lot of doom with all its sub-genres, sludge, stoner and some grindcore. I am very much into neo-folk/dark-folk and projects such as Death in June, Boyd Rice, Current 93 and that whole gang. If you call it “rock”, or if you don’t, I really love the stuff of Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Tindersticks, the newer Anathema (not to mention the old ones of course) among others. On the more Industrial oriented side I listen to stuff like Einsturzende neubauten, Throbbing gristle and SPK. All of it is just to name a very few. Throw in some 70’s and 80’s of many styles, some classical music, some folk, some “oldies” and many other things that cannot be attached to a specific genre of music. Mainly depressing and/or weird.

Elvis? never liked that fat bastard.

RRUK: Did he die taking shit?! What first, chicken or the egg?


RRUK: Anything else you would like to add here?

KADAVER: Great interview Keith, Thank you for it!

RRUK: Thanks, mate. It was a pleasure! And cheers for taking part in our Aktion Medical II (Split Album)

*Note to readers – Check out RRUK Releases for further details on that…


KADAVER – Heart Shaped Torture

Interview: Keith Mitchell [RRUK]



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