Interview with Anthony Kuchta III (VITRIOL GAUGE)

Reverse Records UK / July 2014

Interview with Anthony Kuchta III (Vitriol Gauge)

fhhddjdj(Photography by Marc Church)

BAND NAME: Vitriol Gauge

BAND MEMBERS: Anthony Kuchta


GENRE: Death Drone/Power Electronics/Noise


Binding Ritual (2012) Online Release

Passion Transplant (2013) Online Release

Black Sounds Split Release W/ Obiekt 172 (2013) Online Release

Easily Forgotten Split Release W/ Autumus (2013) Limited Tape Release

Compilations: We Ride Volume 1 (Brainrape Records)

S3CR3T SØCI3TY Volume 2 (Owlcave Records)

2 Upcoming releases in 2014


OTHER PROJECTS: none (currently)

rhrehetjetjetjet(Photography by Leah McGough)

RRUK: Let’s start with your band name, what made you choose it for this project?

Anthony: Anyone who has known me for a decent amount of time will tell you that am a bitter person. I also tend to have a pretty bleak, cruel and coldly logical thought process on just about everything. I used to use physical violence at shows or working out to release that pressure, now I try to use creating music to do that….I release that pressure, and a gauge reads pressure. So I combined the two, it sounds good to me.

RRUK: How would you describe your sound and working process?

Antony: As for my sound, I have been described by other people as having a Japanoise sound with Death Industrial or Power Electronics bite to it. Others say its like a harsh drone because some of my stuff doesn’t change to much through out a track. Since I’m not Japanese I don’t label myself as such, I consider myself a combination, So I say Death Drone or Power Electronics. As for my working process…I turn my gear on? I guess I don’t fully understand that question. Although when I turn my gear on, its usually when I’m agitated about something, I don’t usually record when I’m in a great mood, considering the mood of my music, putting a positive energy into it seems weird.

RRUK: About the instruments and technology you use to produce the sound, do you constantly update them, or are old synths and the like still good for your purposes?

Anthony: One of my best musical friends (Richard Kik) is a total gear slut, and he helped set me on my path and taught me a lot. Because of that I will admit I like having a lot, but I tend to use the same tools and occasionally add onto that sound with different effects. My main setup is an analog synth, a sampler, and a simple drum machine. I put those 3 things through any number of effects be it distortion reverb or delay.

 etjetjjetheetj(Photography by Leucosia Nox)

RRUK: Who or what influences you and your sound?

Anthony: I take influences from a lot of things… Life situations, Movies, Documentaries are a big part of it, I am a huge horror movie nut, and a lot of samples come from that stuff. As for musical influences, some of my biggest are stuff like Brighter Death Now, Operation Cleansweep, Converge, and The Locust.

RRUK: With regards to electronic/experimental artists, which band did you discover first? How did you come across them?

Anthony: Well as you can probably tell from the influences I gave, Its a varied answer. I have been into aggressive music since I can remember, I started off by listening to metal, then I moved into the hardcore scene. I dropped out of that around when I was 21 and started to get really into industrial, but I still had that pissed off hardcore attitude that I was trying to fill the void with. Then I found stuff like Brighter Death Now and Atrax Morgue and I have never looked back. There is something about that…just seething dark deep angst that I completely connected with.

RRUK: A lot of “noise” artists tend to release 30+ albums per year. What are your thoughts regarding this rushed approach?

Anthony: I don’t really understand it, I know its a big thing in the harsh noise world, but its not for me. I sometimes think I take to long to release stuff, but everyone has there own pace, and I want to be happy with what I show other people.

RRUK: Do you have a preferred format for your work, e.g. vinyl, cassette, CD, download. And is there a format for which you would never use?

Anthony: I would release on anything really, most of what I have done thus far has been online. I just don’t have the knowledge or know how to do much physical releases at the moment, I would love to do more physical releases, point me in the right direction please!

RRUK: What is your opinion in particular of Power Electronics, Noise, and Japanoise, looking at their main artists like Merzbow, Masonna?

Anthony: I enjoy both Merzbow and Masonna. Not all of there works obviously (because there are to many to bother with). I prefer when people actually use instruments though. Working off of just a laptop, like Merzbow has switched to, really really bothers me. I don’t like people that perform live using merely a computer, its lifeless and doesn’t require much effort beyond the initial creation of the track.

RRUK: Are you interested in serial killers? Do you think they are a typical product of 20th century society, and what is your opinion about in particular American “serial killer culture” ?

Anthony: Oh yes, I think they are incredibly interesting, I constantly watch programs or read about them. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t find the subject interesting. Bizarre and violent crimes intrigue me. My personal favorite is Ed Gein (not technically a serial killer but, memorable none the less).

RRUK: If you could perform live anywhere in the world… where would it be?

Anthony: I would like to play some place in Germany, I feel I would be well received and I have always wanted to go there.

reheherjjj(Photography by Leucosia Nox)

RRUK: With regards to other sound projects, is there any country in particular that inspire you more than others?

Anthony: Not in particular, every place has a couple great projects to choose from. Pissed off people are all over the world, you just have to look for them.

RRUK: Do you listen to different types of music? A secret Elvis collection, perhaps?!

Anthony: I grew up in the 90s, I love Ace of Base, Ha! In all seriousness though, I tend to listen to mostly Industrial, Noise, Post-Punk and Hardcore. But if you looked through my hard drive I’m sure you would find a couple “wtf’s” in it.

RRUK: What first, chicken or the egg?

Anthony: Chicken

RRUK: Anything else you would like to add here?

Anthony: Speak your mind, its the only real freedom anyone has anymore, if people don’t like it, they can choose not to listen.

RRUK: Cheers Anthony. All the best with your upcoming releases!
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2014 Reverse Records UK


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