S.T.A.B. Electronics – Instruments for Operating on Mutant Women

In support of S.T.A.B. Electronics, we share this review of “Instruments for Operating on Mutant Women” LP | Urashima 2014 | A review by the mighty Noise Receptor…

noise receptor


S.T.A.B. Electronics – Instruments for Operating on Mutant Women LP Urashima 2014

Here is third vinyl only LP from the formidable S.T.A.B. Electronics – a project which has been steadily elevating their profile with each new release.  So in comparison to earlier albums, where ‘Instruments for Operating on Mutant Women’ particularly excels is that it somehow manages to hone the aggressive sound of the last LP ‘The Non Alliant II’ into even more focused form.  As with other S.T.A.B. Electronics releases their approach is marked with generally minimalist song structures, based on few layers of looped analogue rhythms and processed droning noise, where the unhinged vocals are again an absolute standout.  Likewise the range of sonic treatments applied to the vocals (flanged, distorted, delayed etc.), ensures the aggressive vocal approach is far from being one dimensional.

Although having a solid analogue quality, the recording is at the same time crisp and…

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