Death Pact International – Australian Units

Death Pact International (Noise Receptor)

noise receptor


Death Pact International – Australian Units CD L.White Records 2014

Here is another instalment in the Death Pact International (DPI) conceptual ‘cultural terrorist manifesto’ experiment, where the following statement provides important context: “A moniker devised in 1985 by members of what are now The Grey Wolves. Anyone may use the DPI name to release music, publish printed material, or perform at live events. Such material has no copyright and is the property of everyone. It may be reused or reprinted by any person in any manner, provided that the DPI name is retained”.

This time around DPI constitutes a loose collective of Australian artists which should have already been self-evident from the album’s title.  Although identifying individual contributions to this album is really missing the point, nevertheless ‘Australian Units’ has been developed with the inputs of both recognized and obscured projects, including: Bonsai Kitten, Burden of Administration, Chrysalis, Die Like…

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