Theologian ~ Pain of the Saints

Theologian ~ Pain of the Saints (a closer listen)

a closer listen

theologian-pain-e1422309189943Ambitious and multi-layered, Theologian‘s latest effort comprises a disorienting force, the kind that only late industrial music, in all of its transgressive glory, can muster. Under the theme of sainthood as an avenue for criticism of the Catholic Church ethos, you will find here most of the now familiar tropes of the genre, channelled through noise, ambient, and power electronics: bodies in sadistic submission (as the pain of the noise we endure and enjoy), the reflective deviancy born of iconoclasm (the haziness of ambient’s deconstruction of musical conventions), and its consequent extension into a hateful act of punishment (the beats at the heart of sheer feedback crackles, pulling down everything around them to remain both bare and impure). At two and a half hours long, Pain of the Saints was not made for distracted listening – it demands to be heard, and it demands the kind…

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