K2 – “Epilepsy of Democracy” (RRUK012: Reverse Records UK)


RRUK012 | K2 -
RRUK012: K2 – “Epilepsy of Democracy”   (FEW COPIES AVAILABLE)
Info: De-composed and played by Kimihide Kusafuka (K2) K2 performance based on the ‘picture/score’ written by Ms. Saori (Koyubi) Takano. Recorded at ONCOSONIK LABORATORY, May. 2014. Final mix by Kimihide Kusafuka (K2) on May 18, 2014. K2: Kimihide Kusafuka: junk electronics, KORG MS-20mini, MTR.
Album design by Keith Mitchell. Score artworks by Shiori (Koyubi) Takano. Format: Mini CDr | Black Gloss Case (Pro Miniature) | Artwork | Ltd Edition Genre: Japanoise  | Extreme Electronics | Noise
Price:£6.50 [GBP]

RELEASED / DISCOGRAPHY: http://wp.me/P4hyRo-GR

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