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Launched January 2014. RRUK Specializes in presenting the audio bizarre and transgressive art-house film. All releases are limited edition. Handmade/Expert media . Covering many esoteric / transgressive “genres” such as:
Death Industrial | Noise | Dark Ambient | Neo Classical | Power Electronics | Extreme Electronics | Other

(RRUK is connected to and has re-released material from our sister label: Final Trauma Recordings  2008 – 2012) Hosted By K. Mitchell (White Walls | Inhibition | United Electronics | Side Projects: D.C. / Kontrolle / UNIT 731 [UK].



We welcome the chance to speak to customers/supporters, artists, distro companies, other labels, Etc. We offer a deal on bulk items/postage, and will keep you updated with the latest releases, interviews, news, etc.


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