RRUK025: SOUND ART AKTION (Various Artists) A Compilation. Industrial, Noise, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Death Industrial, Power Electronics.

*RRUK025:  SOUND ART AKTION (Various Artists) Compilation   Info: Each band taking part in the collective were asked to choose a painter/photographer of their choice. Basing the sound/direction of their composition purely on one piece of work by the chosen inspiration. Originally released by our sister label; Final Trauma Recordings (April 2009). Re-released by Reverse Records UK ( November 2014). This aktion was never given a fair release due to a long period away from FTR. We are proud to get it out there again, and is now available to serious collectors of Noise/Industrial/PE compilations. Album design by K. Mitchell. Format: CDr x 2 | White DVD case (Expert Media) | Deluxe double booklet featuring all 20 art works | Ltd Edition Genre:  Noise | Industrial |  Power Electronics | Death Industrial | Dark Ambient | Experimental | Other
Price: £9.50 [GBP]
GX JUPITTER-LARSEN - "Che Guevara" [Korda]  
TORTURING NURSE - "Sound for Hijokaidan" [Hijokaidan] 
CHAV STABBER - "Blue Poles" [Jackson Pollock]  
KYLIE MINOISE - "Research Animal" [William Burroughs]  
BABIES WITH SWASTIKAS - "Hetrosexuality is a disease" [Peter Sotos]  
BAGMAN - "Fondues Enchainees" [Pauline Barnet]  
VULGAR DISEASE - "Sexual activity at the theater" [Hermann Nitsch]  
ARNUA SALA - "Viure Per Punxar (I Ni Punxar Per Viure)" [Orsini]  
FILTHY TURD - "Utility Living (Utility Kitchen)" [Artist Unknown] 
INHIBITION - "Love Bite" [Laurie Lipton]  >AUDIO
BBBLOOD - "David with the head of Goliath 1609f" [Caravaggio]  
FECALOVE - "Il Morbo Gallico" [Gaetano Zumbo, 1691-95]  
ZEBRA MU - "Degraded Keyboard Elements" - Annea Lockwood [Chris Ware]  
H R - "EDNOS [Karl" Persson]  SOMA - "Dead Cat" [Artwork by Soma]  
ARTUNIT - "Plains of Havoc" [Artwork by Artunit]  
PAREGORIK - "1949 Madonna of port lligat / Madonna and child" [Salvador Dali]  
MARTIN l - "Piece#43 {34 redone} Mashina" [Chris Radoeva]  
V.I.K.I - "Stone Geometry" [Myxi]  
CUM FUNCTION - "Eumenides - Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion" [Francis Bacon]

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