(Split Album Release) 0ctober 14th 2016 

Macronympha (USA) 
Featuring their side project Macromenia 
White Walls (UK) 
Featuring their side project: Inhibition 


Extreme Industrial Noise Assaults 
+ Dark Ambient / Death Industrial Soundscapes
RRUK040 Pro Media/Slimline DVD case/CDr-Expert Media
Design: KD Mitchell 

1. Macromenia - In The Gutter (14.08)
3. Inhibition - Shit For Brains (16.00)
2. Macronympha - Internal Motivation (27.12)
4. White Walls - Lost (11.30)


£8.00 {GBP}
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RRUK040 Reverse Records UK & + Final Trauma Recordings +


Macronympha is an American power electronics group formed 1990 by LS, Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella in Pittsburgh, PA. Tim Oliveira (Stimbox) and Dominick Fernow (Prurient) have occasionally appeared on Macronympha recordings and live performances.

A great number of their releases are in cassette format, released on various underground labels worldwide including their own Mother Savage Noise Productions. So far they have exclusively played live shows in the US.

Macronympha’s trademark sound is the collage of metaljunk bashed against each other, layered and looped utilizing mostly analogue equipment. Macronympha has collaborated with many names from the noise scene, including K2, Government Alpha and The Grey Wolves.



White Walls: UK based – extreme sound art and visual group. Established in 2009, the band consists of KD Mitchell (vocals, electronics, guitar, sampling, synth, art, visual, direction), and JM. Lubert (spoken word, art, vocals, direction)

Expect confrontational sound and the use of often disturbing imagery, including photography and art based around mental illness, medical procedures, etc. Combined with seething electronics this gave the group a notorious reputation. However, White Walls always maintained that their mission was to challenge and explore the darker and obsessive sides of the human condition rather than to make attractive music. White Walls make extensive use of pre-recorded samples, broken glass, guitar and power drill, sheet metal, synths and special effects, etc to produce a distinctive, highly distorted or cold minimal background, usually accompanied by lyrics or spoken-word performances by Jennifer M. Lubert or painfully harsh vocals by Keith Mitchell.

In 2010, they produced their debut album:
“WHITE WALLS – MALATTIA MENTALE” Released on UK record Label: Peripheral Records. The second release for 2010 “WHITE WALLS – M-E-N-T-A-L I-L-L-N-E-S-S” Released on US label: Nefarious Activities. The third album: “WHITE WALLS – MADNESS & MURDER” Although pressed and released 2012 in a limited initial run of 100 copies on the band’s own label: Final Trauma Recordings, it was later re-released on the bands new label: Reverse Records UK, due to high demand. This was followed by a series of albums, split and collaborations, which you can find here in our discography.

White Walls & Inhibition are well known for relentless noise assaults, death industrial, dark ambient and power electronic offerings…. Often weaved together as one action. White Walls is due to take part in our Transgressive Collective IV, later this year with fellow UK artists; Sutcliffe Jügend, STAB Electronics, Dry Greed, Streicher, Isomer, etc. White Walls have also featured on compilations / Split releases with Brighter Death Now, Brandkommando, Dry Greed, and IRM. White Walls have also created visual media for various performances, including extreme performance artist; Cherie Roi and In slaughter Natives.






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