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Launched January 2014. RRUK Specializes in presenting the audio bizarre and transgressive art-house film. All releases are limited edition. Handmade/Expert media . Covering many esoteric / transgressive genres: Death Industrial | Noise | Dark Ambient | Dark Classical | Power Electronics | Extreme Electronics | Industrial | Other
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Transgressive Collective II (Mixed Media Film / Death Score by White Walls)


Transgressive Collective II

A full length mixed media film / death score by White Walls | K.Mitchell
Available March 2015 | RRUK027 | Reverse Records UK | (DVD) Ltd Edition

Web: https://recordsreverse.wordpress.com/

RRUK024 | TRANSGRESSIVE COLLECTIVE   (DVD) | DVD x1 | Business Card x1 | Ltd Edition | Featuring the first installment of visual sound actions by UK sound artist: K. Mitchell. Also includes unreleased audio & visual by White Walls / Inhibition / Deutsche Christen. DVD Presented in a Steel Box / Including rare business card single EP by White Walls - "Fetish Medica" [Aktion I & II]


  • Featuring the first installment of early / recent visual sound actions by UK sound & visual artist: K. Mitchell. Also includes unreleased audio & visual by White Walls / Inhibition, etc. DVD Presented in a steel case including rare business card single EP by White Walls – “Fetish Medica” [Aktion I&II] | Ltd Edition
  • Format: DVD x01 | steel case | business card  x01 | (Available in PAL & NTSC region
  • Genre: Experimental Film | Art-House | Power Electronics | Noise | Death Industrial | Dark Classical / Death
  • Score | Dark Ambient |
  • Country: UK
  • Price: £12.00 [GBP]
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  1. ARS A.V.I. & INHIBITION “Don’t Steal My Soul, Lady” | “Don’t Steal My Soul, Lady” | [RRUK019]
  2. INHIBITION - “Aktion Ana 1964″ | Homage To Gunter Brus | Aktion #I | [RRUK022]
  3. WHITE WALLS - “Il Colpo Di Grazia” | Malattia Mentale | [RRUK014] / Peripheral Records [PR002]
  4. WHITE WALLS – “The Beginning” | Madness & Murder | [RRUK008]
  5. WHITE WALLS – “They Must Be Told!” | Unreleased |
  6. WHITE WALLS - “Abuso” | Unreleased |
  7. WHITE WALLS - “Violent Contact” | Madness & Murder | [RRUK008]
  8. WHITE WALLS - “Maxalot” | Fear & Addiction (Aktion #I) | [RRUK002]
  9. WHITE WALLS – “Miss Confused” | Malattia Mentale | [RRUK014] / Peripheral Records [PR002]
  10. WHITE WALLS – “S” | M-E-N-T-A-L-I-L-L-N-E-S-S” | [Nefarious Activities Label]
  11. KONTROLLE - “Controlled Artificial System” | Survivalist | [RRUK001] / Spoken Word By Jennifer M. Lubert.
  12. DEUTSCHE CHRISTEN - “Acción Elimination (Part #1)” | Elimination | [FTR]
  13. DEUTSCHE CHRISTEN - “Acción Elimination (Part #2)” | Elimination | [FTR]
  14. UNIT 731[UK] – “The Imperial Way” | The Imperial Way |[412Recordings]
  15. KONTROLLE - “To Outlive” | Survivalist | [RRUK001]


Apócrýphos – The Prisoners Cinema

Reverse Records UK:

Apócrýphos – The Prisoners Cinema (Heathen Harvest)

Originally posted on Heathen Harvest:

The Prisoners CinemaThe Prisoners Cinema

One of the most harrowing experiences imaginable, I think, is being trapped in captivity—caught in isolation, every moment filled with fear and uncertainty, days bleeding into each other until all sense of time is lost.  I wonder what happens to the mind in such situations. Does it implode?  Expand?  Perhaps a bit of both?  It’s impossible to say; you never know how you might be affected until it happens.

Robert C. Kozletsky would like to share his interpretations with you.  If the name sounds familiar, he was half of the short-lived but lauded dark ambient project Psychomanteum, but now records solo under the name Apócrýphos.  His debut release is The Prisoners Cinema, a collection of eight sonic portraits that aim to make captivity an auditory experience; it’s a mind’s-eye view into what the titular prisoner witnesses, both visually and psychologically; within the confines of…

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Timeghost – Cellular

Reverse Records UK:

Timeghost – Cellular (Heathen Harvest)

Originally posted on Heathen Harvest:


I was first introduced to Timeghost through the video below, which has captured during a live performance in Boston on July 20th, 2014. I was completely blown away by the sound and stage presence of Adam Morosky—the sole individual behind this project. Timeghost’s sound is based on experiments with a hardware setup, mostly controlled by face sensors. The result is a perfectly clean, synthetic sound that evolves to become full of fragile details, yet remains massive and moves like an otherworldly inter-species organism. That said, you can put money on the fact that I was extremely curious to hear what the studio work of Timeghost sounds like.

Luckily enough for us, Morosky had the first edition of a new album released late last year. Cellular has been issued on three separate formats: on tape by Chondritic Sound, and on CD by the project’s own imprint, Nexykl

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Theologian ~ Pain of the Saints

Reverse Records UK:

Theologian ~ Pain of the Saints (a closer listen)

Originally posted on a closer listen:

theologian-pain-e1422309189943Ambitious and multi-layered, Theologian‘s latest effort comprises a disorienting force, the kind that only late industrial music, in all of its transgressive glory, can muster. Under the theme of sainthood as an avenue for criticism of the Catholic Church ethos, you will find here most of the now familiar tropes of the genre, channelled through noise, ambient, and power electronics: bodies in sadistic submission (as the pain of the noise we endure and enjoy), the reflective deviancy born of iconoclasm (the haziness of ambient’s deconstruction of musical conventions), and its consequent extension into a hateful act of punishment (the beats at the heart of sheer feedback crackles, pulling down everything around them to remain both bare and impure). At two and a half hours long, Pain of the Saints was not made for distracted listening – it demands to be heard, and it demands the kind…

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Death Pact International – Australian Units

Reverse Records UK:

Death Pact International (Noise Receptor)

Originally posted on noise receptor:


Death Pact International – Australian Units CD L.White Records 2014

Here is another instalment in the Death Pact International (DPI) conceptual ‘cultural terrorist manifesto’ experiment, where the following statement provides important context: “A moniker devised in 1985 by members of what are now The Grey Wolves. Anyone may use the DPI name to release music, publish printed material, or perform at live events. Such material has no copyright and is the property of everyone. It may be reused or reprinted by any person in any manner, provided that the DPI name is retained”.

This time around DPI constitutes a loose collective of Australian artists which should have already been self-evident from the album’s title.  Although identifying individual contributions to this album is really missing the point, nevertheless ‘Australian Units’ has been developed with the inputs of both recognized and obscured projects, including: Bonsai Kitten, Burden of Administration, Chrysalis, Die Like…

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